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Account Setup

This page provides general information required for you to get your account set up with EUID:

Contact Info

To get access to the EUID framework, contact the appropriate team at The Trade Desk listed below.

Your RoleContact Email
Publisher, App
Agency, Brand, DSP, SSP, customer data platform (CDP), Data

Account Setup Details

Once you've expressed interest in EUID, someone will contact you to help work out the details.

All participants will need to provide at least the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Company name
  • Name and contact information for an authorized individual who can sign the contract.

Client-Side Implementation for Publishers

If you're a publisher, and you determine that you want to implement EUID so that tokens are generated on the client side, you'll also need to provide a list of domain names for your sites. This is a security measure, for client-side implementation only.

TIP: Only root-level domains are required for account setup. For example, if you're going to implement EUID to generate tokens on the client side on,, and, you only need to provide the domain names and


When you've signed a contract for participating in EUID, you'll be issued with EUID credentials and other information for getting up and running with EUID.

API Version

The current version of the EUID API is v2.