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EUID Endpoints

All EUID endpoints require a client secret for encrypting API requests (except POST /token/refresh requests) and decrypting responses. For details and Python script examples, see Encrypting Requests and Decrypting Responses.

EUID Tokens

EndpointDescriptionRequest EncryptionResponse Decryption
POST /token/generateRequests an EUID token generated from the email address provided by a user with their authorization for EUID-based targeted advertising. If the email address is valid, and the user has not opted out of EUID, this operation returns an EUID token and associated values.RequiredRequired
POST /token/validateUsed for testing, to validate that an advertising token (EUID) matches the specified email address or email address hash.RequiredRequired
POST /token/refreshGenerate a new token for a user for their refresh token from the POST /token/generate response.N/ARequired

Identity Maps

EndpointDescriptionRequest EncryptionResponse Decryption
POST /identity/bucketsMonitor rotated salt buckets using their last updated timestamp.RequiredRequired
POST /identity/mapRetrieve raw EUIDs and salt bucket IDs for one or more email addresses or email address hashes.RequiredRequired